Supplier Diversity
Understand the Supplier Diversity Initiative and find resources in order to join the effort for racial justice!
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Purchasing Newsletter

Learn about supplier diversity, Federal award changes in Workday, the new process for equipment leases, and more.

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OptiFreight is the University's new freight partner.
Amazon Business

   The Amazon business catalog is available in UMarketplace

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Catering Orders

Get the latest on events and activities guidelines and requirements during Covid.

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PPE Purchases

If PPE cannot be found in the Workday supplier catalogs, click the Learn More link.

Purchasing supports and advances the University's academic and research missions by providing superior financial and operational services and more.
Diversity, Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence, Compassion, Creativity, Teamwork

Purchasing conducts business and builds relationships based on the principles of honesty, fairness, professionalism and more.

Reduce cost and maximize value without impacting level or quality of service and more.