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The Training team assists with Purchase Requisitions, Change Orders, Conga PO Contract Request forms, Closing Purchase Orders, and New Supplier Onboarding Request Forms. To schedule training or a quick walkthrough, contact our help desk. Login to ULearn to register for a webinar; Purchasing 101, Purchasing Department Contracts, Supplier Onboarding for Purchase Orders, and Purchasing From Diverse Suppliers.

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Purchase Order Processes for Academy and MSOM

For Procurement policies, visit PolicyStat.

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  • 1. Payment Matrix

    The University has multiple processes for ordering goods and services that are paid with UM funds. View the Payment Matrix to ensure a purchase order (PO) is an allowed process for the commodity being purchased.


    • Contracts = PO
    • Honorariums (non-consulting) = Check Request
    • Professional Memberships = PO, PCard, Check Request, or Reimbursement
    • Recurring Cellular Charges = PCard
    • Faculty and Staff Airfare = Travel Card or Reimbursement


    Tip: If a supplier is active in Workday for POs, the PO process will take precedence over PCards, Check Requests, Travel Cards, and Reimbursements.


    Guide: Payment Matrix



  • 2. Supplier Onboarding

    Before requesting to purchase goods and/or services, check UMarketplace to see if the supplier has been onboarded for purchase orders and if their status appears as Active. If the supplier is not Active or does not appear in UMarketplace, look for an alternate supplier or reach out to the Purchasing Buyers for recommendations. As a last resort, onboard the supplier. 


    Example: Compass Group USA, Inc.,

    • Doing Business As (DBA) "Chartwells"
    • Supplier ID# = p15451009
    • UMarketplace Status = Active



    • A supplier may appear in Workday while Inactive or only available for Check Requests. Therefore, a requisition cannot be submitted. 
    • Supplier onboarding can be time consuming for suppliers, and some suppliers may refuse. Using an alternate Active supplier for time sensitive orders can avoid last minute issues. 
    • New Supplier Requests for hotels and restaurants, require an attached W-9. This can avoid onboarding a parent company twice.


    Guides and Assistance:


  • 3. Purchase Requisitions (Req)

    To purchase goods and services with UM funds, create and submit a purchase requisition (req) in Workday. After all financial and procedural approvals are obtained, the req will close. Then a purchase order (PO) will be issued and sent to the supplier for fulfillment.



    • RQ-0000######
    • Status = Draft, InProgress, Closed, Denied, Cancelled


    1. Gather Information


    Financial Data - Gather from the manager, PI, or Cost Center Manager.

    • Spend Category (E.g., SC08218 - Clerical Supplies or SC08255 - Technical Supplies, Lab Related)
    • Driver Worktag (E.g., Program Number PG00#### or Grant Number GR00####)
    • UM Company Number (E.g., 200 Academy or 500 MSOM) Tip: This number corresponds to the Driver Worktag.

    Supporting Documentation

    • Quotes - For non-catalog reqs, obtain a current quote from the supplier.
    • Consultant Questionnaire - This form is only required when buying highly specialized services from individuals, not companies.
      • Highly Specialized: DNA sequencing, poison control, and astrophysics mapping.
      • Non-Highly Specialized: Equipment repair, party/event planners, and IT/business operations
    • Contracts: 
      • Scope of work: Who, what, when, where, and why
      • UM prefers to use our own contract templates. If the supplier provided their template, we can work off a Word version. Review, and initial at the bottom of one page. Important Never sign a page or innital each page of a contract. Signature Authority Policy

    2. Create a Req


     Assistance: Academy/MSOM Procurement Help Desk

  • 4. Contract Requests

    During the requisition (req) approval process, am Academy/MSOM Procurement Buyer will determine if a contract is required. If so, this can be viewed in the Workday Process History, after the first Buyer’s approval. Buyers may request additional information or ask the req creator to login to Conga, and edit a pre-drafted Conga Contract Request form.  


    • JENN-STA-#########
    • REAL-MAS-#########


    Tip: For Purchase Orders (POs) end users should not create a New Conga request unless specifically directed by a Purchasing employee. Instead, find and edit the Conga Draft which is automatically generated after the first Buyer's approval. It will contain some req information and all the attachments.


    Guide and Assistance: 

  • 5. Purchase Orders (PO)

    Once a purchase requisition (req) is completely approved, the status will change to Closed. Then a purchase order (PO) will be issued and sent to the supplier by either Workday or the Buyer.



    • RQ-0000######, Requisition Status = Closed
    • PO-0000######, Purchase Order Status = Successfully Completed, Issued


    Guides and Assistance:


  • 6. Receive Goods and/or Services

    The supplier will provide the goods and/or services.


    Assistance: For estimated delivery dates, or issues with deliveries/installation, contact the supplier and reference the PO number.

  • 7. Invoices

    The purchase order (PO) directs suppliers to send invoices to UM Accounts Payable (AP). For invoices sent directly to the department, begin the payment process by submitting the invoice to AP.


    Tip - PO Balances may not reflect the amount received by the supplier.


    Guide and Assistance:

  • 8. Change Orders

    To edit fields on a purchase order (PO), an employee with the security role Cost Center Manager (CCM) or Procurement Data Entry Specialist (PDES) can initiate a change order. 



    • PO-0000####, Version 1
    • Increase line 1 from $400 to $500.
    • Extend the end date to 5/31/24.
    • Attach a contract addendum.



    • To change the supplier’s name, add goods to be delivered again, or add a new scope of work, submit a new purchase requisition. Then close the original PO.
    • To edit an existing contract, start by initiating a change order and attach an Addendum form to the change order.
    • To change the Worktag of an item that has already been invoiced, submit a Journal Entry.


    Guides, Forms, and Assistance:

  • 9. Closing Purchase Orders

    If all items have been received, and all invoices have been processed and paid, and deposited by the supplier, the purchase order (PO) can then be closed. By closing the PO,  unused funds will be placed back into the budget. This also prepares the budget for fiscal year end. Employees with the security role Procurement Data Entry Specialist (PDES) and Cost Center Manager (CCM) can close a PO.



    • All items from a PO have been received. The supplier has confirmed all invoices have been paid. There are no open encumbrances on the PO and the status is Successfully Completed or Issued. Therefore, close the PO in preparation for fiscal year end.
    • An item was on back order and is no longer needed. The supplier was contacted to cancel this line item. To move the encumbrance from the PO back into the budget, close the PO.
    • A standing order was created and has excess funds. The supplier has confirmed all invoices have been paid. To move the encumbrance from the PO back into the budget, close the PO. 


    Tip - Closing a PO before all invoices are paid, will require the department to submit a new requisition before payment can be made.


    Guides and Assistance: